FILIPINO PRIDE DAY 2017 T-Shirt Design Contest Guidelines & Contest Rules

What: Filipino Pride Day 2017 T-Shirt Design Contest
When: Filipino Pride Day, October 7, 2017
Who: Anyone who wants to show their love for The Philippines! The winner will receive $100 cash,
100 raffle tickets worth $500 and a complimentary FPD 2017 T-shirt with their winning design!
Theme: In order for our Filipino community to be more aware and proud of their Filipino indigenous origins, our theme for this year’s Filipino Pride Day on October 7, 2017 is “Back to the Roots.” All
designs are to have ANY of the following influences: folk, indigenous, neo-ethnic, or ethnic-inspired.
You can look up “philippine indigenous art” or “philippine tribal art” for inspiration!

Artistic Guidelines
1. Your design needs to include the Filipino Pride Day logo.
Submission Guidelines
1. Designs must be original and submitted by or on behalf of the designer and with the
designer’s direct consent. Adults must submit on behalf of minors.
2. By entering the contest, the submitter certifies that the design is original and does not
infringe on copyright laws.
3. Designers must agree to the full Official Contest Rules (below) which includes assigning the copyright to public domain.
4. Designs must be 300 dpi or better so they are suitable for print media as well as for use in online channels. JPG, PDF, PNG files are accepted.
5. Submit designs by email to with subject the line:

“T-SHIRT CONTEST SUBMISSION” by midnight , Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Artwork Submission  form MUST accompany your submission. Multiple entries allowed.

Official Contest Rules
I have read the OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES for the 2017 Filipino Pride Day T-Shirt Design contest and I agree to all the rules and regulations of the contest as outlined below:
1. The contest is open to the entire Filipino community and supporters of Filipino Pride Day.
2. All entries must be original creations of the contestant that has never been published and does not contain profanity, nudity, logos, copyrighted works of any other person or business outside of the official Filipino Pride Day logo.
3. The prize is $100 cash,100 raffle tickets worth $500 and a complimentary FPD 2017 T-shirt.
4. All entries become and remain property of We Filipinos, INC. and Filipino Pride Day. We will not return any entries to you. Filipino Pride Day may use the design of any entry at any time after the contest. Contestants may display their own design(s) in a portfolio, but may not sell or reproduce the design(s) for any other purpose once submitted to the contest.
5. The We Filipinos, INC. / Filipino Pride Day Committee will judge and choose the winning submission.
6. The entries must be received by midnight, Sunday, August 13, 2017. Designs must be submitted by email to with subject the line: “T-SHIRT CONTEST SUBMISSION”
• The entry may be drawn or printed on 8-1/2” x 11” paper, scanned and emailed as an attachment in any of the following art file formats: .JPG, .PDF, .PNG.
• The entry must be accompanied by a scanned and completed Artwork Submission form.
8. If we pick an entry as the winning entry, the design will be printed on a T-shirt and other media for all FPD festivities. We may sell T-shirts during Filipino Pride Day.
9. You agree that if you submit an entry, you will sign an assignment and release form prepared by us acknowledging your acceptance and understanding of the complete contest rules including that the design is the property of We Filipinos, INC./Filipino Pride

Acknowledgement and Assignment
I am submitting a contest entry with this form, and I hereby assign any and all rights in the intellectual property of this entry to We Filipinos, INC./Filipino Pride Day. I agree that the entry I
submit becomes your property and that the entry will not be returned to me.
I state that this entry is my own original artwork and that I did not copy anyone else’s work in creating this contest entry. I agree that if I win this contest and have copied anyone else’s work in
preparing this entry, I will pay back the award to you and will defend, indemnify and hold harmless We Filipinos, INC./Filipino Pride Day against and from any loss, debt, liability, damage,
obligation, claim, judgment or settlement of any kind that arise or relate in whole or part to the contestant’s entry.
I agree that if I win the contest, I authorize the use by you, without additional compensation, of my name and photograph for promotional purposes in any manner and in any medium that you
deem appropriate.
I agree that if I win this contest, the $100 cash,100 raffle tickets worth $500 and a complimentary FPD 2017 T-shirt is a fair and adequate compensation for my contest entry.


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