2017 Filipino Pride Day Performance Audition

We are now accepting applications and online auditions for the 2017 Filipino Pride Day to be held on October 7, 2017 at The Jacksonville Landing, 2 Independent Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32202. Send email to fpdentertainment@gmail.com. to ask for an Audition Form.

In order for our young to be more aware and proud of their Filipino indigenous origins, our theme for this year’s Filipino Pride Day on October 7, 2017 is “Back to the Roots.” All auditioned performances are to have ANY of the following forms: folk, indigenous, neo-ethnic, or ethnic-inspired. “Neo-ethnic or ethnic-inspired” weaves traditional music or dance with contemporary forms.

You may search “philippine indigenous music, philippine indigenous dances” and similar keywords (e.g. tribes’ names) on YouTube to get ideas. For “neo-ethnic” and/or folk music, you may search the following singer-songwriters on Youtube, Bandcamp.com, and Amazon.com: ASIN, Bayang Barrios, Cynthia Alexander, DATU, Diwa de Leon (on hegalong), Grace Nono, Joey Ayala, Kulintronica, Maan Chua, Mebuyan, Pinikpikan, Waway Saway.

If needing assistance with performance concept, you may contact GEEJ (geejlanglois@gmail.com). If you think your performance would not fit into the theme, we encourage you to explore the possibilities of an ethnic-inspired performance. Again, contact GEEJ if you have questions or need help. Or you may want to go ahead and audition your piece, anyway, because we may have a couple of slots available before the themed portion of the festival.

For Jacksonville performers, audition dates are:

August 16, 5:30-9:30 pm, August 19, 2-6pm

Maharlika Restaurant 14255 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32250.

Non-Jacksonville performers may send in audition videos via links to youtube or others websites.

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